Rick Holdsworth
Director of Ring Sarasota said:

The only cases to have if your bells or chimes leave the room.  Ring Sarasota purchased Port-A-Bell cases instead of factory cases when we purchased our handbells and recently purchased Port-A-Bell cases for our 5 octaves of ChoirChimes.  Wouldn't have any other case. (June 2014)

Philip D. Myers, Jr.
Member of the Sons of Jubal and the Jubal Bells said:

In April, 2012 the Sons of Jubal, a 150 member men’s chorus composed of Georgia Baptist music ministers, went on a 14-day concert tour to Beijing, China and Pyongyang, North Korea. The group has a brass ensemble and a handbell choir which also performed on the tour. All of the instruments that were used on the tour had to be transported from the United States. The trip required that the instruments be loaded onto eight airplanes, multiple buses, and in two instances, cargo trucks. It was apparent that the instruments were going to be subject to very rough treatment. Port-A-Bell was contacted about furnishing three cases to transport 3 octaves of Malmark handbells. As expected, the handbells were subject to pretty rough handling and in one instance one of the Port-A-Bell cases was put through an x-ray machine on a conveyer belt that allowed the case to bounce on the floor when it exited the machine. The cases performed perfectly. The bells were not damaged in any way and the cases stood up well to the abuse. If the bells had been shipped in their original bell cases, the cases would have been torn apart and the bells damaged. The Port-A-Bell cases performed as advertised. I want to thank Mr. Thomas Smith for his fine service in providing these cases for us.

Edward G. Henderson Jr.
Director of New England Ringers said:

A couple of weeks ago we were on tour in upstate New York, traffic stopped abruptly on the Mass Turnpike, I stopped and the guy behind me didn't. He slammed into my trailer, full of bells and equipment. He destroyed his truck and our trailer and severely damaged the hitch assembly on my Suburban. Two of our three cases were crushed, one casting was broken and two clapper assemblies broke at their pivots. On the other hand, our new Port-A-Bell cases hardly got scratched! I guess you could say they have already paid for themselves! Thanks so much for a great product, can’t wait to receive the three remaining cases. (June 2012)

Christine Anderson
Voices in Bronze said:

The verdict is in...this single bell case is absolutely fabulous! ...
I'm just as thrilled with my new CASE for ALL my solo handbells as Michelle is! I've had a lot of trouble flying with 2 cases plus suitcase due to airline restrictions - which are not consistent from airport to airport, skycap to ticket counter. I've dream for many years of a single case which could hold all my solo bells, yet still meet airline restrictions for both dimensions and weight. Thomas Smith has done an excellent job for me, and I can hardly wait to get to the next airport, proudly pulling my new case! … I got all my bells from C5-C8 in the case, plus microphone, gloves, mallets, and misc. stuff - and it weighs 54 pounds! You are a genius! ...I had no trouble lifting it in & out of my car. Thank you, and I hope you get lots & lots of sales, 'cause it is far superior to any other case. I think those wooden cases are going to be obsolete.

More Satisfied Customers

Christine Anderson -- Solo Ringer (Voices in Bronze)

Dr. John Behnke -- Concordia University, WI

Lee Afdahl -- Rochester, MN

Debbie Rice -- Becks Baptist Church - Winston Salem, NC

Cathy Moklebust -- Composer/Clinician - Eagle Grove, IA

Beth Klein -- Handbells Unlimited - Portland, OR 
"These cases are wonderful...I'd be happy to give my seal of approval to anyone."

Fred Gramann -- American Church in Paris, France

Dr. Larry Smith -- Carillon Handbell Choir - University of Southern Mississippi

Tracy Depue -- St. James UMC - Little Rock, AR

Sueda Luttrell -- Gambrell St. Baptist Church, Fort Worth, TX
"MUCH better than the old way! These cases are a much needed innovation, and I highly recommend them to anyone. It's absolutely fabulous...It was just incredibly easy..."

Bill Alexander -- Strikepoint - Duluth, MN

Rima Greer -- Past Chair - HMA Area XII, CA
"...a MUST for any group whose bells are gonna leave the rehearsal room."

Rise Kagan -- Solo Ringer - Ivyland, PA

Monica McGowan -- Ringing Restorations - Lakeville, MN